Japanese Youth Visas

Visas To Canada: Japanese Youth Visa

Japan-flagInternational Experience Canada is a government program to give youth from around the world a chance to work in Canada, and to eventually immigrate.

As of March 15, 2013 there are 4,935 visas available for young  Japanese citizens.

With this work visa you can work in any job in Canada for a maximum 12 months.

4,935 Visas Available For Japanese Youth:

Are you eligible?

1.  Ages 18 and 30

2.  Japanese citizen holding a Japanese passport

3.  Provide a “clean” Japanese police certificate

4.  Not be accompanied by dependant(s) under your IEC application

5.  Pay for health-care insurance for the duration of your stay.

6.  Pay a participation fee that is equivalent to $150 (Canadian dollars) or 13,500 Yen.

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